Electrostatic Air Cleaners and Different Capturing Methods


There are three types of methods that are used when capturing and collecting contaminants. Our experienced technicians perform routine maintenance and repair work alongside manufacturing and commercial operators in the Tri-State area on all three types of applications. The three basic types and features that define them are below:

  1. Unducted Air Cleaning: As discussed in a previous blog success in unducted systems comes when you establish a recirculating airflow in your space. The airflow is established by having the clean airflow from one precipitator blow across to the intake of the next precipitator which collects the rising pollutants along with it. The units are generally mounted on the ceiling which avoids the need for ducting which saves cost and allows easy access to production equipment. The application and design must be right for unducted air cleaning to succeed.
  2. Source Capture: This is still the most recommended way to capture air for Electrostatic applications. The two ways to design a source capture system are through ducts and hoods. Through a ducted system, the containment is confined to a system of local exhaust ductwork and is transported through to the air cleaner. In a hooded system, the contaminant is released into the room air but then quickly captured by a hood normally placed above the source of pollution.
  3. Central System: This application is normally used in larger manufacturing facilities. A central electrostatic System is placed in the facility sometimes outside or on the roof. A large ducting system attaches to the production equipment and the contaminant is drawn to the precipitator and collected. This design is generally used when there are rows of machines aligned with each other. This creates efficiencies with ducting and contaminant capture.

When improving or designing your air cleaning system you must understand the principles of ventilation engineering. Our technicians are trained in them and have real-world experience to bring you the most effective containment solution. We hope you enjoyed this brief explanation and we are always here to help you get the most from your existing system. Reach out today for your Free Air Cleaner Evaluation.

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