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The Bee Clean Specialties team understands that air quality impacts every aspect of your facility – employee health, retention, and your bottom line.

That’s why we’re here to help.

Our skilled technicians will work with you to understand your needs and get you the solutions you need to have cleaner air and happier employees. Since 1977, Bee Clean Specialities has been the go-to team for cleaning, servicing, and repairing electrostatic air cleaners. With more than 975 facilities helped, you’re in good hands.

Learn more about our team members and the passion we share for helping industrial facilities throughout Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Our Mission

Our Mission is To protect employee health and improve their working conditions by providing clean air solutions.

Bee Clean Specialties helps manufacturers by assisting them in achieving clean air. Clean air makes for a safer, healthier, and happier work environment. This helps our clients retain and acquire additional employees. Clean air makes for a safer, healthier, and happier work environment. This helps our clients retain and acquire additional employees.

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These Core Values Drive Everything We Do


We act as the doctors of clean air equipment.

We care for our teammates, customers, and vendors, which leads to positive customer experiences. We treat everyone as our customer no matter their position. We act as the doctors of clean air equipment.


We do what
it takes

We do what it takes to make it happen by maintaining an ability to change to meet the needs of our team and our customers, which enhances the customer experience.


We are always

We are always honest and exhibit integrity with our teammates, customers, and vendors. We protect our reputation over profits. Tell customers the painful truth.

Problem Solving

We develop solutions to achieve clean air.

We are always problem solvers. We get to the facts, collaborate, and develop a solution to achieve Clean Air. A transparent conversation with the customer is a must.

Meet Our Team

Bruce McAbery
General Manager
Craig McAbery
Quality Control, Scheduling
Scott McAbery
Finance, Customer Service
Mark McAbery
Technician Team Lead
Matt Diener
Service Sales
Mittis Pettis
Field Service Technician
Shane McAbery
Field Service Technician
Keith Hensel
Shop Technician
Kelly MacPherson
Office Admin, Marketing Manager
Roddy Garlick
Business Development
Cade McAbery
Media Filter Specialist
Mike Anderson
Field Service Technician
Victor MacPherson
Shop Technician
Arnulfo Mora
Field Service Technician
Noah Severson
Field Service Technician
Gary Neilson
Detroit Location Manager
Sheldon Heller
Field Service Technician
Hector Rangel
Field Service Technician
Sal Flores
Field Service Technician
Travis MacPherson
Field Service Technician
Layne Swartz
Field Service Technician
Nick Joslin
Field Service Technician

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With flexibility, health insurance plans, and no weekend work required, Bee Clean Specialities is a premier choice for anyone looking to help industrial facilities get the clean air they deserve.


Electrostatic air cleaners use high voltage and DC current, a lot of knowledgeable maintenance people are not familiar with working with that.
You’re better off having your maintenance staff focus on your production equipment to prevent you downtime.
We work on these every day so can troubleshoot them faster than someone that works on them once in a while.

The cost varies depending on the size of the air cleaner and how close you are to our facility. It is often cheaper than what you would pay in electricity to run a media filter unit because media air filters have to use higher horsepower motors to move the same amount of air.

Although electrostatic air cleaners are relatively basic in concept, there is a lot of little things that can make them not work. Someone familiar with them can pick up the problem quickly.

There are four areas to check to see if your filters are dirty and need cleaning.

  1. Collection Cell: Pull out the collection cell, they start to get dirty on the leading edge, towards the intake side. As they get dirty, they collect farther and farther back on the cell plates. You want to clean them before it is dirty all the way back preferably catch it at about three-quarters of the way back
  2. Ionizer wires: If the wires have build-up on them, it can insulate the charge so that the smoke or oil mist does not get charged. If the smoke and oil mist does not get a charge, it will not get collected in the collection cell.
  3. After Filter: This is a one-inch aluminum mesh filter that most brands have after the collection cells. If the after-filter is dirty, it is time to clean.
  4. Indicator light: This light indicates that the collection cells and ionizers have the correct high voltage. If this light starts to flicker or goes off, it is past time for maintenance.

With our Clean Air Switch program we have the ability to service 20+ brands. The most common brands are Smog Hog, Mistbuster, Trion, and Tri-Mist.


In addition to the facilities we service onsite in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, we also offer long-distance service nationwide so you can get the solutions you need without going out of your way.

No, while we have built our business focused on being an electrostatic service provider, we also provide the following services, Media Filtration Service, Electrostatic Air Cleaner sales/install, and ductwork installation. We have evolved to support our slogan. Breathe Better. Work Better. Live Better.


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