Commercial Kitchen Service

Bee Clean Specialties has been helping restaurant operators in our service area with their Electrostatic Precipitator and activated charcoal filtering needs for the last 15 years. Electrostatic Precipitators remain one of the most efficient technology when filtering kitchen exhaust. Electrostatics in restaurants work the same as in industrial applications and are normally placed at the point of exhaust. When the contaminated air enters the ionizer it is electrically charged, causing the grease and smoke to be collected in the reusable collection cells.

Restaurant operators install electrostatic precipitators for several reasons. One being local regulation. Another reason is landlords tenant requirements. If you are running your restaurant from a leased space your landlord may require an electrostatic precipitator to clean the air so as not to disturb the other tenants.

Many of our restaurant clients have an activated carbon filter section after the electrostatic filter. Activated carbon absorbs vapors and odors from the restaurant and will reduce complaints of nuisance smells. We have the ability to test your activated carbon to check what percentage is spent. This test will save you unnecessary filter change outs and reduce cost.

Bee Clean is well equipped to service your restaurant application quickly and efficiently. Give us a call for a quote on servicing your existing equipment or for help with designing your commercial operation.

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