SmogHog is the most trusted name in the electrostatic air cleaning equipment industry. They have been manufacturing high-quality electrostatic air cleaners for over 50 years. Their many models ensure a great fit for any mist or smoke application.

  • SGN series: Designed to capture the most difficult contaminants, these robust air cleaners are a great fit for dirty, sticky, oily smokes and mists. They are recommended for applications such as centerless grinding and some cold heading applications, where other electrostatic air cleaners will not last as long between services.
  • SHN series: Another great air cleaner series for difficult industrial applications, the SHN series is similar to the SGN series, but has a separate ionizer and collection cell, making it easier to clean. The slightly smaller airflow can help you meet your exact needs.
  • MSH series: This series is a compact air cleaner best suited for machine mount applications for smoke or mist. Its robust build ensures it will outlast any other electrostatic suitable for CNC machine-mount applications.
  • SHM series: This is SmogHog’s media filtration series. These machines can last a remarkably long time by using a unique filter material that coalesces and drains contaminants. These machines are best suited for oil or emulsion mists, especially if they are low viscosity.

PCN series: The PCN is a portable electrostatic air cleaner fitted with a duct arm to effectively capture contaminants from applications where hoods are impractical, or smoke-producing machinery is used intermittently or changes position.