Industrial Electrostatic Service

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The Best Air Filtration Service Companies

The 5 Best Industrial Electrostatic Air Filtration Service Companies – Reviews & Ratings

Industrial electrostatic air cleaners effectively filter out oil mist and smoke with a low lifetime cost. However, they can be challenging to maintain if you are unfamiliar with how they...

How does electrostatic air cleaning technology work?

Ever wondered how your electrostatic precipitator, also known as electrostatic air cleaners, works? The science behind it and a short history of the technology are below. In 1824 M. Hohlfeld...

Commercial Kitchen Service

Commercial Kitchen Service Bee Clean Specialties has been helping restaurant operators in our service area with their Electrostatic Precipitator and activated charcoal filtering needs for the last 15 years. Electrostatic...

The green technology of electrostatic air cleaners

Electrostatic air cleaners are considered a green technology. With 40 years in the industry, we have been able to see firsthand the advantages of these air cleaners. Three reasons this...

Can I service my electrostatic air cleaner myself?

Short answer – Yes. Long answer - Why would you want to? First, what are electrostatic air cleaners? Electrostatic air cleaners (EAC) are a high-efficiency air cleaner that achieves up...