Case Study: International Fastener Company Saves Millions by Upgrading Existing Air Filtration System



A manufacturer of cold headed fasteners located in the Cleveland area, was facing a serious problem with the indoor air quality at their facility. The company had an existing SmogHog air filtration system, but it was not working as effectively as it should have been. The company was concerned about the potential health risks to their employees and customers, as well as the potential damage to their equipment. They knew that they needed to take action to improve the air quality at their facility, but they were hesitant to invest in a new air filtration system, as it would have cost them millions of dollars.

This company’s sister plant had similar problems, and eventually decided to completely replace their air filtration system. This new system worked well, but cost around $1,500,000. A similar system at their plant would cost $3,000,000 because this plant had more machines.


This company’s existing SmogHog air filtration system was not working effectively because it had not been getting serviced regularly, the ductwork was not effectively designed, and out-of-balance, and some of the SmogHogs were undersized for their application. The combination of these three problems resulted in very bad air quality. The poor air quality was a concern for the employees health and safety, as well as affecting productivity and employee retention.


To solve this problem, This cold heading company reached out to Bee Clean Specialties. After analyzing the problem and the existing air filtration system, we recommended a few options to dramatically improve their air quality. The options that we offered were: Replace existing SmogHogs with new double-pass SmogHogs, add double pass filtration and improve ductwork, or use as much of the existing system as possible, but improve ductwork and add CFM where it was needed.

The company chose to go ahead with improving their existing system, and were targeting 80% improvement in air quality. 

The modifications included replacing a majority of the old ductwork with properly sized and balanced ductwork, adding additional units to the system to ensure that they had enough CFM to capture all of the smoke. These modifications cost less than $250,000 which was a fraction of the cost of a new air filtration system, and met and exceeded their 80% improvement goal.


After implementing Bee Clean Specialties’s recommended modifications, Agrati’s SmogHog air filtration system began working effectively again. The company was able to achieve great indoor air quality and was able to avoid the costly expenses of purchasing a new air filtration system.

The modifications also helped to extend the life of the existing system. This resulted in significant cost savings for the company in the long run.

This company was extremely satisfied with Bee Clean Specialties’s services and has continued to use them to provide regular service on their SmogHog air filtration system. This partnership has helped them maintain the great air quality at their facility for 2 years and counting. The company also reported that their employees and customers were happy with the air quality.