How does the Bee Clean Filter Exchange Program Work?

Filter Exchange Program

Electrostatic or Media Filtration?: Bee Clean offers two main types of filter exchange programs. An exchange program for electrostatic air cleaners and an exchange program for media filtration (on mist or dust applications).

Electrostatic: We have been servicing electrostatic air cleaners for decades, and it was how Bee Clean got started. Our program for servicing electrostatics has changed over the years. In order to understand how this service works, it is helpful to understand how electrostatic air cleaners work.

How they work: As the name suggests, electrostatic air cleaners use static electricity to remove particles from the air stream. There are several different designs, but they all incorporate three filtration stages. The first stage is a simple mechanical prefilter. This is usually made of aluminum mesh, and it removes swarf and other large particles that may be in the air stream. The second stage is the ionizer. It uses high-voltage electricity (7,000-14,000 volts) to positively charge the particles in the air stream. The third stage is the collection cell, which has alternating plates with high-voltage (4000-7000 volts) and ground. The positively charged plates repel the positively charged particles which stick to the ground plates. As the plates get dirty, they lose some efficiency causing particles to get caught further and further back in the collection cell. Once the collection cell is dirty all the way back, it will begin to blow the particles through instead of collecting them. Ideally, you would exchange the filters right before this started to happen.

Exchange Program: Our service program is an exchange program, meaning that we bring a clean set of filters to your facility and swap them with the dirty filters. After we finish exchanging the filters, and checking the high-voltage system, motor, blower, and drains, we take the dirty filters back to our shop, where they are cleaned and individually inspected and repaired. Using the exchange program means that your air filtration units will only be down for a few minutes unless there is a major problem.

The Clean Air Switch: If you service your electrostatic air cleaners at our recommended frequency, you are part of our Clean Air Switch program. This program guarantees the function of the cells and ionizers we put into your air cleaner until our next recommended service. That means if you have a problem with your air cleaner, and it is caused by the cell or ionizer, we will fix it free of charge. If the problem is caused by the power supply, motor, or blower, we will waive the service call fee. The Clean Air Switch program is available for SmogHog, MistBuster, TriMist, Trion, and other brands of electrostatic air cleaners.

Repairs: We stock all common replacement parts on our service truck, and many of the less common ones at our service locations. If our technician runs across a problem and has the parts on the truck, they can repair the air cleaner without requiring a separate service visit.

Media filter Exchange: The other filter exchange service we offer is media filter exchange. These are disposable filters that come in many different varieties. Some of the most common types of filters are cartridge or baghouse filters for dust collection or cartridge and bag/pocket filters for mist collection. We also offer HEPA filters, pleated filters, ring filters, rigid cell filters, and other types of filters.

How it works: Our exchange program for media filtration is fairly simple. We bring the necessary filters and swap them with the dirty filters. We also ensure the system is working properly and the drain is not clogged. If you are looking for a full PM inspection, that is a separate service that we offer.

Stocking Filters: We keep some of the more common filters in stock. Specialty filters can have long lead times, but we will work with you to keep the necessary filters in stock. If you commit to a schedule for exchanging your filters, or send a purchase order for your next filter exchange, we will keep any specialty filters in stock for you.

If either of these exchange programs sounds like a good fit for you, or you want information on any of our other services, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone (888-451-0844) or email (